Friday, August 25, 2006

Brief History of the family

The article in the Daily Mail says that the brothers came to Manchester from Italy in 1882. In fact we now know that it was their parents, Antonio and Felis, who came, and in the 1870s. They appear in the 1881 census, but not the 1871. They are listed as living in Blossom Street, Ancoats, in 1881, with Antonio a lodging house keeper. They had four sons and two daughters between 1861 and 1874: Vittorio, Eugenio, Gerardo, Gaetano, Maria and Johanna, all born in Italy. This actually tells us they came after 1874, when Johanna (Giovanna) was born. All became ice cream vendors and street musicians in Little Italy. Recently Linda Imeson has discovered that Antonio and Felis are buried in St Joseph's Cemetery in Moston- but I hope she'll post about that herself.

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